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This Will Destroy You: Young mountain

06/06/12  ||  The Duff

Here at GD we’re being accused some of being a death-metal site, which astounds me until I look at the reviews I’ve written. But that said, there’s still a home here for bands like Watain, Yob, Hebosagil, Isis etc. Outfits of the Mogwai-ilk get very little attention, so I thought I’d diversify some and review an E.P. of the post-rock variety that I love to fucking pieces where bands like Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed! You Black Emperor have largely failed to grab me.

This Will Destroy You are a four-piece band from Texas and have been going on some 7 years. “Young Mountain” is the band’s first release, the predecessor to the band’s debut, self-titled full-length with which I’m unacquainted, and although tagged an E.P. it is a middle-ground length-wise between full-length and it’s diminished variety.

The band plays very melancholic post rock with moments of utmost euphoria; it’s what your Mom thinks of when she wakes up and I’m too busy chowing down eggs and bacon to satisfy her, but she still feels lucky enough to have a guy like me next to her. Like a more musically rich yet less ambitious Godspeed! YBE.

In all honesty, comparisons with Neurosis, Isis and Mogwai aren’t to help any because despite it being an inundated sub-genre, This Will Destroy You deliver post-rock in quite the refreshing if not of the most original manner.

The instruments are all pretty heavily-laden effects-wise, but we have nice touches all-abouts the record, most of which individual unto themselves; none appear like a separate entity or even a touch gimmicky on the emotional spectrum of things, including short bursts of electronica a la Ulver.

Every sound has been integrated beautifully and seamlessly into the full tapestry of music, and while during the densest wall of sound sections, the regular fare of ebb, flow and ‘I got your salad dressing right here, asshole’, a lot is lost to the blur of noise despite a sublime production; the notes to pick out from the flurry though will truly have you gazing long and deep into the stars.

Highly recommended to those who have loved and lost, figuring life is worth living on that premise alone, and to anyone who cries when masturbating to lesbian erotica.


  • Information
  • Released: 2006
  • Label: Magic Bullet
  • Website: This Will Destroy You MySpace
  • Band
  • Jeremy Galindo: guitars
  • Raymond Brown: bass guitar, keyboard
  • Chris King: guitars
  • Andrew Miller: drums
  • Jeremy Strom: violins
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Quiet
  • 02. The World Is Our ___
  • 03. I Believe in Your Victory
  • 04. Grandfather Clock
  • 05. Happiness: We’re All in it Together
  • 06. There Are Some Remedies Worse Than the Disease