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V/A: Skitliv! Fucked up, passed out, no memories left...

08/10/09  ||  Habakuk

Skit fan jävla helvete!

Listening to this compilation will enhance your knowledge of the Swedish language massively. Just in case you’re one of the more global dominators whose contact with Sweden is usually limited to Billy and his hot dog friends. Man, these IKEA references never get old, do they.

So yeah, ever felt like listening to 50 songs around 1:30 minutes that are exclusively Swedish crust punk? No? Well, it’s a double-CD, so you might as well stop after 25, how’s that for an easy start. From what I remember, CD 1 was a bit better anyway, plus it holds more “high-profile” bands (read: bands you’re heard of) than the second one, like Totalt Jävla Mörker, Disfear, Driller Killer, Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade. The second disc has Moderat Likvidation, Anti Cimex and a “Corporal Jigsore Quandary”-reference in the song of The Acursed, and that’s about it. Every other band that you know on here will definitely score you your “I am the skit”-license if you name them at your local punk bureau and are able to produce some ID .

The compilation seems to be affiliated with some satirical DIY Swedish punk zine of the same name or something, and apparently two bands are listed but only have 6 seconds of silence as their songs, “because they didn’t hand anything in at the end”. Fair enough, silence is fun. Other than that, from what I can gather it’s probably a pretty good insight into the Swedish scene, with stuff reaching back to at least 1984 (fuck if I knew, but that’s the release year of Anti Cimex’ “Victims of a bombraid”) and 50 different bands to satisfy all your presumed crust punk needs.

So if you suffer from acute tempo and/or d-beat shortage combined with a craving for screaming hardcore punk vocals of every shape and form and want to Discover (that’s actually a band name here…) some bands that you’ve never heard before, try to find a store that sells this compilation. Or spend your money on cheap beer, “do it yourself” and download it for more scene cred.

There actually are a couple of songs that do appeal to metal ears and a couple of songs that I’ll keep, as opposed to only a select few stinkers… which leads me to the song-by-song reviews:


But I’m actually going to produce the tracklist now. Fan! See you in a week or two.


  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: D-takt & Råpunk
  • Website: Sweden Homepage
  • Band
  • Billy Skit: vocals
  • Torben Fan: guitars
  • Mikael Kuk: köttbullar
  • Helvete-Erik: bass
  • Jag Talar Inte Svenska: drums
  • Tracklist
  • Disc 1:
  • 01. Totalt Jävla Mörker: Min själ profit
  • 02. Disfear: Undergång
  • 03. Coma: Option
  • 04. Martyrdöd: Six seconds of silence
  • 05. Nödslakt: Pantkassar och inkassokrav
  • 06. Victims: We’re fucked
  • 07. Skitkids: Six seconds of silence
  • 08. Anatomi-71: En fot i graven och en i klaveret
  • 09. Dödsdömd: Vällust
  • 10. Skitsystem: Skitliv
  • 11. Sunday Morning Einsteins: Warning
  • 12. Motorbreath: Drunken assault
  • 13. Driller Killer: Dakapokalypse/Anarcoticalternative
  • 14. Warcollapse: Stoner punk
  • 15. Nödvärn: Fucking the dog
  • 16. Uncurbed: Suicidal tears
  • 17. Tortyr: Nar hela världen brinner
  • 18. Mardröm: Vi dödar vär egen scen
  • 19. Wolfbrigade: In adrenaline
  • 20. Illdåd: Kärlek fåre norm
  • 21. Sprängd: Obstinat front
  • 22. Dodeskaden: Stronghold
  • 23. M-40: Där helvetet alltid är nära
  • 24. Slaktattack: Pissflaska
  • 25. Discover: Chaos and destruction
  • Disc 2:
  • 01. Massgrav: Arbetarklass
  • 02. Systematisk Terror: Åtgärdad
  • 03. Krigshot: Död framtid
  • 04. Guantanamo Bay: Stillborn
  • 05. Personkrets 3:1: Blind eller dum
  • 06. Acursed: Self destruction
  • 07. Bombstrike: Mot en strålande framtid
  • 08. Tvärkört: Chasing extinction
  • 09. 3-way cum: Battle of opinions
  • 10. Dislickers: Final warning
  • 11. Kvoteringen: Ett knullflottigt helvete
  • 12. Auktion: Bakom murar & taggtråd
  • 13. Crossing Chaos: Frihetens fana
  • 14. Radoitus: Totaallinen tuho
  • 15. Giftgasattack: Jävla skit
  • 16. Rövsvett: Jesus var en tomte
  • 17. Anger Burning: Meaning of war
  • 18. Skitslakt: Slaktad skita
  • 19. Atomvinter: Leva i TV’n
  • 20. Amöba: Ut med packet
  • 21. Anti Cimex: Victims of a bombraid
  • 22. Meanwhile: Sunk & buried
  • 23. Dissober: Earthwide suicide
  • 24. Moderat Likvidation: Pk
  • 25. Mob 47: Politisk korrekt