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Vreid: Milorg

15/01/09  ||  Euthanatos

Some bands are a kick in the balls, and not in the bad way. It’s just that they are so fucking good, the song writing is so fucking genius and the music is so fucking intense, you can’t help but feeling retarded you haven’t heard of them before. Vreid is one of those bands. I had head of Windir before, yes, but I did not know the three remaining band members, Hvàll, Steingrim and Sture had a new band. Yes, that band is Vreid. Here, have a cookie.

And what’s Vreid? Vreid is the fucking shit, that’s what Vreid is. See, it’s not that Vreid is one of those bands that took forever to develop and evolve, starting out as shitty, childish black metal that suddenly became godlike. No, all of their albums are really fucking good! Have I used fucking enough on this review? I think not.

See, “Kraft” and “Pitch Black Brigade” are absolute blockbusters. Badass albums. Rocking records. Mischievous mayhem. I’m getting carried away, but you get the point. And “I Krig”, well, that album is just pure genius. So, Euthanatos, pray tell, why hasn’t GD reviewed it yet? Or any other Vreid album, for that matter? Because we’re a bunch of retards, that’s why. There’s no explanation. Thus, this is why listening to “Milorg” is such a kick in the balls.

The sound is black metal in its essence, but with a lot more elements entwined with it. It’s not as ravishingly gay as modern Enslaved, but it’s not as crude as, say, Taake. Actually, it sounds nothing like Taake, scratch that. It’s somewhat close to Enslaved and Keep of Kalessin, but not as flamboyant. Make sense? Good. I’d even compare them with Dodheimsgard and Emperor. Yes, they’re that good! Trust me!

There are no highlights to point out in “Milorg”. Just like in “I Krig”, this is one of those albums you have to listen top to bottom, first to last, enjoy every excruciating moment of it. It’s bliss on tap. Is it better than “I Krig”? No, not really, but it may be just as good. So may this serve as a dual review, if you like. Both albums are highly recommended if you’re a fan of black metal that has an IQ higher than 90. Seriously, check it out. Please?

The cover: No idea what it is, but the black and red tones make it look amazing.

9 corpse-painted penguins out of 10.

  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: Indie Recordings
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Sture (Sture Dingsøyr): vocals, guitars
  • Hvàll (Jarle Kvåle): bass
  • Steingrim (Jørn Holen): drums
  • Ese: guitars
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Alarm
  • 02. Disciplined
  • 03. Speak Goddamnit
  • 04. Blucher
  • 05. Blucher Pt. ll
  • 06. Heroes & Villains
  • 07. Argumentum Ex Silentio
  • 08. Milorg