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Wolves In The Throne Room: Malevolent grain

07/08/12  ||  sincan

Well this EP by one of America’s best black metal bands is not very new nor is it relevant to being reviewed one fuckup might think. I don’t care, will not care and I did for sure not care. I was browsing through the reviews and was looking for some missing gems and I found this. Or shall I say, I didn’t find this and therefore I decided to review it. Perfect.

I don’t remember when I bought this record and I don’t even remember when, compared to their other releases, I listened to it for the first time. What I remember is getting it by the mail and opening the packaging only to see the beautiful artwork of this majestic piece. I was just standing there, holding it in my hands, just wow. I actually took it out now to see what it would feel like, a couple of years later. Well, my heart is hard and cold as rock and I don’t know words like feelings and stuff, but what I know is that my cock is trying to get air in my skinny jeans. Fuck that fucking split on the top of the jacket, really, fuck it! But wow, that golden logo!

The EP contains of two tracks, one really good, and another which also is really good. But it is the first one that really works its way through my ears, into my head, passing through the brain, going down the neck and then fucking twisting its way down the spine for further distribution through the entire body ending up in the skin giving me the goosebumps, erection, anal vomit and all such indicators for feeling fucking mind blown.

The characteristic sound is there, Wittr are not working with a couple of instruments and making them fit together, they turn every instrument into a brilliant unity. Moss is starting to grow out of your speakers, the smell from a humid forest is working its way into your nose, a lynx is starring at you but you don’t see it, everything is painted in different shades of green to brown, the guitars are electrified and yet so organic. And fucking out of a sudden, someone is flashing his genitals.

The vocals on the first track is cumming from the throat of the adorable, clean singing, Jamie Myers. In fact I don’t know more about her besides the fact that she sings on this track and it sounds good. It sounds like she is beautiful so I will use that picture as long as I can. This clear, semi speaking, semi singing, vocals are a nice change from typical vocals in Wittr’s songs, making this one to be memorable in its own way.

The second song has the, for this genre, characteristic diesel generator drumming and thus have a faster pace. The female vocals are gone, and back are the pretty high and harsh black metal shrieeeks with the inaudible lyrics which I guess is about saving trees, eating berries, taking some hallucinogenic mushrooms and similar stuff, however they are awesome. At least I think so. Take a special listen to the guitar work, then take a listen to the typical symphonic black metal or Finnish polka metal band you like so much, then go back to Wittr and repeat it until you get it. You don’t fucking need synthesizers in this kind of music to build up the atmosphere or melody! The synthesizers almost always tend do sound like you’re listening at two records at the same time, maybe being synced, but with totally different sound and shit. Just fucking handle the guitars and some (or tons of) effects.

Fuck, this is good and it makes my brain turn all numb, in the sweetest of ways.


  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: Southern Lord Recordings
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Nathan Weaver: vocals, guitars
  • Will Lindsay: guitars
  • Rick Dahlin: vocals, guitars
  • Aaron Weaver: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. A looming resonance
  • 02. Hate crystal