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Zyklon: Aeon

05/05/06  ||  Statik Majik

This is my least favourite Zyklon-album. Really. But before you get too defensive, do check out the score I gave this release. Happy now, nitwit?

I’m not sure how to categorize Zyklon’s music, and I’m not even sure it’s needed. For those who require labels, here’s one: death fucken metal with the roots in black metal. Yeah, that sounded nice, didn’t it?

I loved their first album, “World ov worms”. That disc introduced a very fucken fast Zyklon to us, and needless to say that’s what I expected from “Aeon” as well when I bought the cd. Well, it’s not as fast as the debut album. But it’s almost as good, I’d say. It sure as hell introduces a much heavier Zyklon to us, and that’s something I enjoy nearly as much as blowjobs.

Where the first album was extremely black metal influenced, “Aeon” is pure fucken death metal. I’m one of those fuckfaces who take death metal over black metal any given day. I have nothing against black metal, really, but death metal is my dope. You see, for reasons unknown to man I find myself listening to “Aeon” more than “World ov worms” even if the debut happens to be better. I think.

Ok, I think I should say something about the musicianship on this disc, but I don’t know where to start. Each and every waking release by these metalheads is fucken topnotch. I mean it.

The vocals on “Aeon” are damn brutal and it’s the first album Secthdamon sings on. Sorry, I did mean growls on. His vocal-style is much more death metal than black metal, even though he manages to pull out some “blacker” screams when needed. And he does one mighty fine job on this release, I might add. ( Note by The Lord: Lemme just add that Secth is one of the best damned vocalists in the world. )

The drumming on the Zyklon-albums has always been phenomenal, and this one is no different. There’s shitloads of blastbeats, doublebass, whatever, you name it. It’s probably not as fast as on their debut release, but trust me, Trym doesn’t play those drums like old people fuck. Nope, this fucko is on fucken speed here.

Samoth and Destructor do amazing job with the kickass-riffs and manage to throw in some nicer melodies as well. Don’t get too excited though, the melodies are used extremely sparingly. In general the sound is heavy as fuck and that should be enough for you.

Bass, again, is probably there somewhere, but I ain’t paying that much attention to it. You can hear it when they’re concentrating on some heavier and a tad slower parts, but when they’re playing like there’s no tomorrow (which is like 70% of the album) it gets lost in the mix.

And more or less related: these Norwegians fucken kill live. Really, they do. So far I’ve only witnessed ‘em once, which was right after the release of “Aeon”. Quite frankly, I think that’s more than enough for me when it comes to see Zyklon live. Why? Because my neck was so sore after the gig that I couldn’t move my head properly for a week. Which wasn’t nice. Yeah, I headbanged my fucken ass off. And I usually don’t headbang in concerts. Or at least not that much.

But the point was:

Zyklon fucken owns y’all. Simple as that. “Two thousand years” is a song nearly worthy of a full 10, but in general the album ain’t that good. So, the score is a well-earned:

8 /10

  • Information
  • Released: 2003
  • Label: Candlelight
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Samoth: guitar
  • Trym: drums
  • Destructhor: lead guitar
  • Secthdamon: vocals, bass
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Psyklon aeon
  • 02. Core solution
  • 03. Subtle manipulation
  • 04. Two thousand years
  • 05. No names above the names
  • 06. The prophetic method
  • 07. Specimen eruption
  • 08. Electric current
  • 09. An eclectic manner