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Zyklon: DisintegrateZyklon: Disintegrate

26/03/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

I have been friends with vocalist/bassist Secthdamon for a few years now and was treated a rough-mix of 2 tracks from this album some time ago. I have to say that I really, really dug those musical pieces but with the first listens I didn’t think they stood up to the fabulous “Aeon” album. I was as suprised as Mazza (TPH/2 Ton Predator guitarist) is when he gets laid by the slower tempo of those 2 tunes. But they fucken rocked all kinds of shit anyways. Now when “Disintegrate” is here, I sure as fuck got my dose of blasts and shit, so it turns out I was worried for no good reason. Zyklon’s not gone fucken soft.

I have listened constantly to this album for 2 days now, and most of you know what that means. I fucken love it. Absolutely love it. What really makes Zyklon stand out in the scene is the vocals of Secthdamon. He’s not the deepest grunter around and he never tried to be, but what a unique fucken vocal approach he’s got. Countless are the times when I have complimented him on this and he always takes it with a smile and that’s that. He’s not thinking highly enough of himself. Secth is fucken ace de luxe. And then some.

This time around, if I’m not completely mistaken and they use a guest-vocalist all over the place (Secthdamon now informed me over e-mail that all the vocal-works is his), he’s experimenting a bit with way higher shrieks than ever before and the result is flawless. I yank my cock in honour of this guy. I have to get him on a The Project Hate album, that’s my new mission in life. The other is to fuck Alice DeeJay, but that’s prolly just a matter of time before it happens.

“Disintegrate” is without the shadow of a penis Zyklon’s strongest effort ever. Fucken Samoth’s riffing is insane as always while Destructhor throws in his awesome solos when they see it fit to do so. I always liked that about Zyklon; they do guitar-solos that sound fucken great. Slayer should take lessons from the Norwegians. Trym’s obviously one talented drummer (and one weird individual) and there’s double-bass and thought-out, groovy, playing scattered all over the place. The quite sterile, triggered, drumsound they used while we toured Japan with them a few years ago is not present here, and I thank him (or whoever is responsible for it) for that. They are most likely triggered this time as well, but it doesn’t sound like it, which is all that counts.

This is all solid-as-fuck material, created by masters of the scene. Take a listen to “In hindsight” for example. That opening could make me kill people. There’s no need to make a track-by-track rundown, it’s all possessing so much quality alot of bands should think about giving up whatever they are doing.

I fucken salute Zyklon for being one of the best bands around nowadays. I so fucken salute them. Now I need to convince Secth to do a fucken lengthy interview with us. Or I’ll re-write this whole thing, lie all over and completely take the piss on it. I can do shit like that.

Zyklon’s fucken back, and they are back stronger, more menacing and more full of piss, crack and vinegar than ever.

8.5 out of fucken 10, bitches!

  • Information
  • Released: 2006
  • Label: Candlelight
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Samoth: guitars
  • Sectdamon: vocals, bass
  • Destructhor: leadguitars
  • Trym: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. In hindsight
  • 02. Disintegrate
  • 03. Ways of the world
  • 04. Subversive faith
  • 05. A cold grave
  • 06. Vile ritual
  • 07. Underdog
  • 08. Wretched
  • 09. Vulture
  • 10. Skinned and endangered