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Zyklon: World ov worms

20/07/12  ||  Sokaris

I consider “World ov worms” somewhat of a minor tragedy. Not because of anything on the album itself, but in the path that Zyklon ultimately took. What began as an interesting blend of modernized black/death with an oppressive atmosphere and occasional industrial tendencies became a band that seemingly turned up the bland knob on subsequent releases. I’d still consider those albums above average (and it seems my fellow writers definitely love Aeon and Disintegrate) but I was hoping “World ov worms” would be a starting point to a more interesting discography.

For those unfamiliar with the back story, Zyklon originally came to life as the continued musical cooperation between Samoth and Trym (two thirds of Emperor) with new six string collaborator Destructhor (of Myrkskog fame). Daemon, one half of Limbonic Art would serve as the vocalist for the debut and it’s a shame he didn’t stick around since I much prefer his voice for the band. There were some stylistic and atmospheric elements present from Emperor’s swansong “Prometheus”, but the overall direction was a more immediate and violent one. Trym keeps things mostly in the red, blasting with reckless abandon while the guitars churn out hateful tremolo and Morbid Angel tinged rhythmic phrases. Daemon spews out a voice that’s a mix of growl, rasp and shout all at once, given an extra inhuman edge by some additional studio treatment. There are a few instances of programming and samples interjecting, notably on “Zycloned” and the conclusion of “Chaos Deathcult”. For the most part the core of Zyklon’s sound is pretty basic and is featured on every track, with the aforementioned deviations here and there. The album does end on a hell of an unexpected high note though, the always enjoyable Garm (Ulver, Arcturus, about a million guest appearances) providing soaring clean vocals as final song “Transcendental war- Battle between gods” winds down.

Anyway, it’s not a revolutionary release but it’s a worthy addition to any extreme metal collection and has definitely earned its stay on my shelf.


  • Information
  • Released: 2001
  • Label: Candlelight Records
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Daemon: vocals
  • Samoth: guitar, bass
  • Destructhor: guitar, bass
  • Trym: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Hammer revelation
  • 02. Deduced to overkill
  • 03. Chaos deathcult
  • 04. Storm detonation
  • 05. Zycloned
  • 06. Terrordrome
  • 07. Worm World
  • 08. Transcendental war- Battle between gods