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Cryptopsy: None so vile Cryptopsy’s “None So Vile” has been heralded as the peak of brutal death metal. Some people go so far as to call it the finest death metal album ever released. Well, I’m fond of all Cryptopsy although I haven’t heard “The Unspoken King” and something tells me I wouldn’t want to.

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Misery Index: The killing gods Misery Index definitely had hit their stride with “Heirs to Thievery”, as their first record, “Discordia”, was nondescript, and it appears that two records of solid metal is all that we are going to get for the moment – Adam Jarvis is by far the biggest selling point to this band.

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Casualties Of Cool: Casualties of cool This is described as eerie Johnny Cash music, according to Devin the sincerest and happiest he’s been on record in a while; having known to be so invested in his albums that his life has been derailed as a result and such words should not be taken lightly.

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Crowbar: Symmetry in black Sadly, although Crowbar have had some questionable tracks on some albums, most of which situated on “Sever the Wicked Hand”, the band’s lack of anything concrete in many years comes to fruition plainly on “Symmetry in Black”, an album with very few saving graces – the opening of “The Taste of Dying” and a meatier production than the last record and we’re done here.

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Black Label Society: Catacombs of the black vatican Described as a mix of everything to date, Zakk has been very open of his pride for this album; here you’ll find the usual classic rock mixed with heavy metal, a Southern tinge like Corrosion of Conformity but otherwise Lynyrd Skynrd, Sabbath, power ballads and soaring choruses.

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Mastodon: Once more 'round the sun With the exception of the chorus, “Asleep in the Deep” is a write-off, and “Halloween” is an overdrawn jam on a lazy theme; “Aunt Lisa” is a lot of the same riff before a crowd-pleasing end that sounds like a failed variation of the “Blood and Thunder” opening, combined with parodying school-chants that sound like The Melvins’ wackiness and the tongue-in-cheek of Faith No More’s “Be Aggressive”, the overall effect is unsettling, a little infuriating.

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Aborted: The necrotic manifesto I cannot emphasize the quality of the musicianship enough, the guitars and the drums, and then Svencho has always been a hero of mine ever since I heard him on “Goremageddon”.

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Forbidden: Twisted into form Forbidden is a band often left in the shadows when talking about thrash in general, and that is not OK. This album could very much be one of the albums I’ve listened to the most in my 85-year old life, and it should be appreciated more than it actually is.

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Whitechapel: Our endless war Lacking in progression, in substance, and most importantly in potential, Whitechapel’s 2014 release prophesies a dismal future for the band’s music. I hope they have it in them to prove me wrong.

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