Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in /home/complet1/ on line 14 Global Domination - Class 6(66) Metal Deserves Better Tue, 09 Sep 2014 13:43:40 GMT Cryptopsy: None so vile Cryptopsy’s “None So Vile” has been heralded as the peak of brutal death metal. Some people go so far as to call it the finest death metal album ever released. Well, I’m fond of all Cryptopsy although I haven’t heard “The Unspoken King” and something tells me I wouldn’t want to.

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Forbidden: Twisted into form Forbidden is a band often left in the shadows when talking about thrash in general, and that is not OK. This album could very much be one of the albums I’ve listened to the most in my 85-year old life, and it should be appreciated more than it actually is.

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Black Sabbath: Heaven and hell When I decided I was gonna cover this record with a Class 6(66) article, I had no idea this would be my last one. But look at the bright side: What could be a better way to say goodbye than covering one of the basic albums in the history of metal?

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In Flames: The jester race The melodies are all over the place, dragging you into the world of toe-tapping and off-key humming faster than you can say “ABBA!”

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Overkill: Taking over Don’t make the same mistake I made: if you are in any way interested in old school thrash and haven’t checked out Overkill for real, then do it.

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Primus: Sailing the seas of cheese For an album entitled “Sailing the Seas of Cheese”, there’s very little cheese to be found, quite on the contrary: I’d rather say this is probably one of the most honest albums I’ve ever listened to. Not bad at all for a power trio.

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Destruction: Live without sense Today’s Destruction to me comes across as a bunch of clowns that have missed the “Yes, you are really relevant”-train by a long shot, trying to impress girls half their age with their glorious past achievements. Yet glorious they were, hands down.

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Forced Entry: Uncertain future 1989 again. Damn, that year doesn’t let go of me. And even though I tried to thoroughly dissect it for the Year In Review feature hidden somewhere on GD (if you find it: cookie!), it apparently still has ample material to discover on its sleeve. And as you know, nothing comes close to discovering an unknown thrash gem, except maybe cookie.

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Evildead: Annihilation of civilization I’ve seen this mentioned as the ultimate thrash album ever. Well, it’s not. For sure this is a second tier band, and they didn’t have a magic formula that no-one else ever found. But they did have a sound of their own, some kick-ass tunes and the luck of being in a cohort that seemed to know instinctively how to write a thrash record. Bands of today: Listen and learn.

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