Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in /home/complet1/ on line 14 Global Domination - Interviews Metal Deserves Better Tue, 09 Sep 2014 13:43:40 GMT Martin van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail Of Bullets etc) “- I expected you to come up with a lot of controversial shit, but as mentioned before, that’s a fucken challenge I’m ready to take on. This is going to be just me, the way I am. Besides, some inties are just worth doing and great fun.”

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Pyrrhon - Doug “- I don’t agree with “fluffy” or “muffled” as characterizations of that production — it’s much clearer and more intelligible than many death and black metal recordings. It sounds like what you’re really talking about is the fact that you can actually hear the bass on this album, which was definitely deliberate. Bass guitar is a much-underused instrument in the metal world, and given that Erik is an incredible player, we would’ve been remiss not to highlight his performance.”

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Cerebral Effusion - Eihar & Co. “- It seems that 2014 will be a good year for brutal releases. I’m really looking forward the new albums from Disentomb, Abhorrent Castigation, Delusional Parasitosis, Gorgasm and Putridity. I’m sure there will be great surprises too.”

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Spawn Of Possession - Dennis Röndum “- It’s never been decided how tech anything will be in Spawn. It depends on the mood for whoever writes in the band and what sounds best, works best for the song. Playing technical has blown up to such ridiculous proportions I think. I mean it’s all about practice, anyone can play high advances shit. Just sacrifice those five, ten years and you’re good to go. Writing good music on the other hand, that comes from talent.”

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Unfathomable Ruination - Daniel Herrera Unfathomable Ruination are a British heavy/death metal band, formidable, catchy, musical wizards. Check these guys out if only for their YouTube video of “Carved Inherent Delusion”, a masterpiece of groove and tech.

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Decapitated - Rasta, Vogg “ -The new record will bring something fresh to Decapitated world but also it seems that it will be a mix of everything of what is Decapitated now plus something new. I think fans of Nihility and Organic will be satisfied. We have some very fast songs, some totally atmospheric piece also some thrashy and haevy rock parts this time.”

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TOAD - Alex and Nate “- I’m absolutely obsessed with Thin Lizzy, and that’s why there’s so many of those over the top guitar harmonies on this record. Let me be clear here, the plethora of guitar harmonies on “Endless Night” is completely, 100% because of Thin Lizzy.”

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Exhumed - Matt Harvey “-This one is a more song-oriented record in terms of hooks and arrangements and that kind of stuff. It’s still us, of course – we still have low vocals and high vocals and crazy riffs and whammy bars and solos and all that stuff that makes it ours. I definitely think it’s our best album so far and it has way more of a band vibe than the last record, you know? It’s got more drum parts, more bass parts, just more of everybody playing as opposed to the last album which was more like, ‘hey check out this riff, there’s a blast beat, and now here’s another riff’. This one is more of what we wanted.”

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Putridity - Andrea "Ciccio" Aimone “-We got really good bands here in Italy, but I noticed hilarious things. I see people on the internet, talking about Italy like the land of death metal, hahaha! We’re just a bunch of assholes passionated with this shit, and in 20 projects you can recognize always the same few people.”

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Dave Patchett - Artist for Cathedral, Electric Wizard and so on “-The contradiction is in the mind of the questioner. What’s the point of having an imagination if you don’t put it to good use because you don’t believe improvement or don’t know what’s going on in this very stupid world. Cathedral I don’t know. But Lee Dorian is an Anarchist. And, whatever that means, I do not understand its usefulness. Sometimes it seems to me to be an excuse to do very little, or less.!

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