Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in /home/complet1/ on line 14 Global Domination - Witnessed Metal Deserves Better Tue, 09 Sep 2014 13:43:40 GMT House Of Metal Festival 2014: Day 2 Day two of the best festival during the winter season.

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House Of Metal Festival 2014: Day 1 The annual highlight of the festival winter season is House of Metal in UmeƄ, Sweden.

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Getaway Rock Festival 2013: The experience chronicle This festival was again a pleasant one and is till a rather small one (in a good way and not like in a small cock way) and genuine. It had a pretty nice line-up but the metalcore share is increasing. The arrangement were good as well, except the weather!

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Death To All: 2013-04-20 There are those who would consider Death mastermind Chuck Schuldiner’s high esteem among metalheads to be slightly overstated. The more cynical among us might even cite his early passing as a catalyst to the rabid worship among the legions of Death faithful that hail the man as “The Godfather of Death Metal” or other such lofty titles.

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Testament: 2013-02-20 With such a storied discography I wasn’t sure what to expect when the Dark Roots of Thrash Tour came to me.

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Vektor: 2012-09-16 When the best thrash band around plays a sunday afternoon show at a Caribbean restaurant in a normally quiet corner of the capital of the free fucken world, you forget about sports, work, and any other responsibilities hanging over your worthless head and go!

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Getaway Rock Festival 2012: The experience chronicle This festival was a pleasant one which felt small (in a good way and not like in a small cock way) and genuine. It had a pretty nice line-up and the arrangement were good as well.

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Jalometalli 2012, Finland: Day 2 Gorguts took us by ass, handed it to us, and made us eat it. With relish. In short, they ASSED us.

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Jalometalli 2012, Finland: Day 1 “-Dude, check it out, my baldness emits an aura of lamp! Also, check out my left boob! It emits an aura of… boob! Booooooobbb……hafhlhlhhgrrghhghhlllhh…”

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Satyricon: 2012-07-06 Satyricon must be one of the world’s most well oiled black metal live machinery nowadays. You really know what you will get when you attend to their shows, for better or worse.

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