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04/08/11  ||  Global Domination

India Born in the sweltering heat of southern India, gk used to be a good little boy who dreamed of being an accountant and playing cricket for the national team. Then after about 13 years of being a good little boy he discovered that evil rock music and something changed. His dreams of being an accountant suddenly went away and now all he wanted to do was get drunk, get high and rock like a motherfucker. People came, people went, the music came and went too but the metal remained strong in the boy and not a lot else changed as he slowly grew to manhood.

Over the years he developed strong opinions particularly for the joke that is the trend chasing Indian metal scene and the mostly useless bands in his country. His mission to tell his countrymen about this fell on deaf ears and eventually gk had to move to a little hut outside his village, often pelted with stones and laughed at when he entered the village to rummage for food. It doesn’t matter though because his only mission in life is to separate the good metal from the fucking awful, and he’s willing to be laughed at and used for target practice cause he knows he’s right. His dream of being an accountant died a quick and painless death but he still dreams occasionally about playing cricket for India.

gk is specialized in: Death and doom metal.