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Profile of Habakuk

06/07/09  ||  Global Domination

Germany 2009, Habakuk still in the house. They did everything they could to take me out. But like any good monster that just made me stronger. You see, they don’t like us and they don’t like you, the Global Domination fans, because they know we stand for three things: Truth. Justice. And fuck most metal of today. That word Justice got me fucked up though. 20 bands in the street, 18 of ‘em fail. Thousands of songs puncturing our ears and it’s justice? You think they give a fuck about us you’re a fool.

Born alright. Born in ’86. Born German. Born dead!! Born Caucasian. Born atheist. Born to be alive. Born middle-class. Born dead!! Bolt Thrower, dead! Motörhead, dead! Napalm Death, dead! Malevolent Creation, dead! Iron Maiden, dead! Sodom, dead!

Every day I gotta get outta my motherfucken bed, put my motherfucken headphones into my motherfucken ears, cause motherfucken music out there’s pathetic! How the fuck is it to get up every morning worried about if you’re gonna make it to the next beer tent? Do you understand? Sometimes we take for granted the little things like beer. Like death metal.

Born in Suburbia. Born student. Born in South Germany. Born dead!

Habakuk is specialized in: Old school.