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Profile of The Duff

01/01/06  ||  Global Domination

UK Duff was born in Belgium, something he will tell everyone insisting his nationality is British due to his English parents ‘cos, well, there’s nothing much admirable about the English. In his second year at Uni, Duff smoked a lot of weed, making him think he was Jesus Christ – the holes he fucked into religion during this time will remain a bitter stain upon those too fucken dumb to accept the consequences of their actions but self-righteous enough to condemn the actions of others – take it; take it in the mouth, religion!

Otherwise a quiet, reserved fellow who tries to treat people as he’d like to be treated, exceptions being bad musicians and the English, a nation so retarded it well you know where I’m going with this. Now that Jordan is a rape-case and Jade Goodie dead (you probably don’t know these people), Duff’s GD, high-profile lifestyle will force him to take the flak of a miserable society that feels life hasn’t delivered it what it deserves; undeterred, he’ll continue to keep it real and bring the magic, ‘cos as we all know, listening to the same hip hop (pronounced hip hop) track over and over for years on end is a front for a world that treasures death metal but is too afraid to admit it.

The Duff is specialized in: Death metal. Thrash metal.