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Introduction by Global Domination

17/05/11  ||  Global Domination

What the fuck is this then? Well… Since labels and bands think we are Teh Shit (and rightfully so) they send us fucken piles and piles of albums to review. Most of them suck the cocks of goats, hence why we won’t spend our valuable time giving them a 16-paragraph review since they don’t deserve it. That’s why the STUBS section was created. Here you will get short reviews for a lot of crap, with the, perhaps, occasional decent offering included. Just look at the score and you’ll figure it all out.

In February 2014 we improved this section, meaning at times a few of us will deal with a bunch of albums in one larger review bundle. Yeah, it kinda looks like Audio Autopsy, only it is not. It’s called S(crap)s when we deal with it like that. Magic, huh? If your album ended up in here in any way, shape or form – you most likely suck it. Live with it. You should be happy we have decided to cover your shit band at all.

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