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Introduction by Global Domination

17/05/11  ||  Global Domination

What the fuck is this then? Well… Since labels and bands think we are Teh Shit (and rightfully so) they send us fucken piles and piles of albums to review. Most of them suck the cocks of goats, hence why we won’t spend our valuable time giving them a 16-paragraph review since they don’t deserve it. That’s why the STUBS section was created. Here you will get short reviews for a lot of crap, with the, perhaps, occasional decent offering included. Just look at the score and you’ll figure it all out.

In February 2014 we improved this section, meaning at times a few of us will deal with a bunch of albums in one larger review bundle. Yeah, it kinda looks like Audio Autopsy, only it is not. It’s called S(crap)s when we deal with it like that. Magic, huh? If your album ended up in here in any way, shape or form – you most likely suck it. Live with it. You should be happy we have decided to cover your shit band at all.

  • V/A: Russian death metal

    22/04/14  ||  Cobal

    “So many subdivisions in metal stand for either a great musical richness or a semantic dimness that classifies minimum distortions differently.”

    I don’t remember many death metal compilations by country, and they’re a damn fine idea if you ask me. Recently-issued, this one proves once more that the term death metal can mean very different things, no matter what purists argue. If anything, this 17 track is more oriented to technical stuff than any other variation of the sub-genre. Something in favor of this effort is most of the tracks are well recorded and while I wasn’t familiar with any of the acts featured here, I’d say they all sound like they know their shit. In fact, I’ve always been under the impression that’s exactly Russia’s thing when it comes to metal: The underground is strong with them.

    As stated some other time, I’ll hold a compilation worthy if and only if there’s something in it for me — namely a track or two that manage to catch my exquisite attention. With that regard, I’d recommend Perception Veil’s “War Catalyst” (track 6) and Incarnator’s “Dream Slave” (track 10), being both ear-piercing deploys of technicality. The later also has a dreamy turn that definitely adds for the brutal parts sound even heavier. Still, no one should assume that’s all that there is to this record.

    To conclude, “Russian Death Metal” is a decent option if you’re interested in plunging into that country’s contemporary underground scene, and who knows? You might come across something that appeals you beyond my own taste.


    7 balalaika playing bears out of 10.

  • S(crap)s: Deadly Carnage / Thy Worshiper / One Hour Hell / Persefone / Nocturnal Breed

    15/04/14  ||  Ironpants

    Deadly Carnage: Manthe Deadly Carnage: Manthe

    Lord K: Now we really know all decent band names are already taken. I have heard worse and more untalented shit, but with some time these guys might be getting there too… 3

    Ironpants: One thing that is sligthly worse than deadly carnage, is none-deadly carnage. Cause then you’ll survive, and are forced to listen to deadly boring carnage. 3

    sincan: Not pure utter shit, but kind of boring, like the soundtrack of your life. 5

    The Duff: A cross between Opeth, Insomnium, My dying Bride/Anathema and Novembre, occasionally Dimmu Borgir “For All Tid” or Negura Bungett. I can do without really – I outgrew this music a while ago, these guys need to trim a lot or mature or something, it is all over the place. 5

    Cobal: I always found the minimalistic approach to slow motion metal attention worthy at the very least. On the other hand, the vocals here are frankly off-putting. Fernando Ribeiro would be ashamed… 6,5

    Habakuk: For about the duration of one song, I thought this was a 6 It’s a 4.

    Thy Worshiper: Czarna dzika czerwien Thy Worshiper: Czarna dzika czerwien

    Lord K: The title of this platter makes as much sense as the soooo extremely special music. With a moniker like that you have to play death metal, damnit. 2

    Ironpants: For the love of Satan. Folk/black with Polish lyrics? When I´m high on crack this could pass. I don’t do crack so… 2

    sincan: Sometimes it’s pretty decent but then they throw in some outrageously ridiculous vocals here and there that makes you wonder about what the fuck you are experiencing. 5

    The Duff: Primordial-like Celtic black with some unusual touches akin to Amorphis and straightforward heavy metal. The odd Negura Bungett/Thyrfing moment and odd-ball jangly bits does this record no disservice; I quite dig it, the band has talent for sure. 7

    Cobal: Is this the Moonspell-love month or something? 7

    Habakuk: Read sincan’s statement again but read a little more disgust into it. 4

    One Hour Hell: Interfectus One Hour Hell: Interfectus

    Lord K: Sweden is better at metal than any other country. One Hour Hell is not our finest example though. 5

    Ironpants: 40 minutes of hell rather… But the best ones in this heap of crap. 6

    sincan: Wow, this was just plain unoriginal until the chorus came, then I injected dry liquid farts into my eyes. 3

    The Duff: Tough listening; eight-string djent meets The Red Chord but without the musicianship to carry it; riffs like 0:44 of “Blunt Force Drama” or the opening riff(s) of “Nemesis” show the band’s lack of creativity, lack of experience and yet still wanting to bring something new to the table – live I’m sure these guys aren’t half bad, but this trend of new kids with money sadly has not lived death metal for very long. 3

    Cobal: Yeah, this sounds really pissed off. I was already bored and then I heard something like an idiot shrieking to a fan… 4

    Habakuk: If I lived in a giant cooking pot turned upside down, this is what death metal would sound like. 5

    Persefone: Core Persefone: Core

    Lord K: These guys are kinda impressive. And hysteric. They wanna do everything. All the time. 7

    Ironpants: These guys can play, and I think their keyboard player knows that he has found his entourage? He is the one that sets the pace here. And that is also what makes it suck. 4

    sincan: This album is relatively new, released 2006. Death piano progressive metal for your pleasure and lube. 6

    The Duff: Modern Cradle of Filth meets modern Arch Enemy meets Skyfire (remember those guys?) meets a little goth/keys modern Dimmu-style with chick-vocals. Truly not bad; a reminder of who I was way back when, with hopes and dreams. A double album closing on a Star Wars montage, these guys deserve all the success, they can clearly play. 6

    Cobal: I wish I had more time to listen to all that’s happening here! Except the 90s-dance-music-like beats, that’s bullshit. 7

    Habakuk: Okay? This isn’t too bad, but style-wise it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. 6

    Nocturnal Breed: Napalm nights Nocturnal Breed: Napalm nights

    Lord K: Heavy metal up your arse. 4

    Ironpants: Pretty good riffing going on, but the vocals kills it. 5

    sincan: Black and thrash hybrid with relatively funny vocals from time to time. I’ll take Nifelheim over this any day. 6

    The Duff: Motorhead, early thrash and Darkthrone, actually well-produced. Is he singing about vegetables? This is rocking stuff, derivative, they know that I hope like my wife knows what she’s fucking. 6

    Cobal: Throatfucking your vocalist right before recording the opener won’t do… And then I guess belches are supposedly hysterical, uh? 6,5

    Habakuk: I think I have four of these guys’ albums. I also think I have to reconsider the criteria for my collection. 5

  • Fuck The Underground Vol. 1: Death rides a pale white dude

    14/04/14  ||  Cobal

    Largely ignored, I hold cumpilations good chances to j… Errr… I hold compilations good chances to learn about acts I could have easily overlooked otherwise. I don’t fool myself, whenever I decide to pick one, I’m well aware most of it is probably gonna suck, but it will be worth it if one or two tracks manage to catch my attention and hopefully I’ll end up finding out a lil more about the bands in question.

    With that regard, I must say this was hardly a disappointment. Mostly death and black-oriented, this volume was pretty irrelevant during the first tracks. I mean, nothing terrible but I was hardly attracted by anything in particular. Being that normal, I was confident something interesting would stand out eventually, and then I realized I had already listened to nearly 3/4 of the freaking thing. Thank Baphomet, ‘twas exactly after track 10 that my patience was rewarded. While tracks 10-15 are all somewhat good, I’ll stick to recommending just two of them: Rusty Eye’s “Sonambulist possession” (track 10), a listen-worthy combination of progressive heaviness and female vocals, and Blastanus’ “Punk bitch part II” (track 11), a brief and furious deploy of grindcorish death technicality. There are two new bands I should check out some day after all.


    6,5/10: Expectations met.

  • S(crap)s: Barbarian / Need / Furor / For A Dozen Matters / Nyksta

    07/04/14  ||  Ironpants

    Barbarian: Faith extinguisher Barbarian: Faith extinguisher

    Lord K: This is the result of getting a bunch of semi-mongoloids into a room, hand them instruments and let them write songs. You’ll end up with shitty kindergarten riffs you’ve heard a million times before. 3

    Ironpants: No bullshitting here. Bad to the bone speed/heavy metal with really harsh vocals 5

    Cobal: Nothing mind-blowing here, but I have a weakness for primitive metal myself. Now, apparently that’s all these people ambition in life, so I suppose it’s alright. 6

    Habakuk: Fucken Barbarian. Now that’s a metal name. And there go all my bonus points. 6

    sincan: Wow, Italian good music. I’m not surprised since the country has been delivering great music to Global Domination during my days here, but this speed’n‘thrash’n‘black is on another level with its riffomaniagroove. 7

    Need: Orvam - A Song for Home Need: Orvam – A Song for Home

    Lord K: Is that a Hammond I hear? Then go fuck yourself and take your “progressive” music with you. Actually, I have heard worse. 4

    Ironpants: 3 bands from Attica, Greece in this edition of S(crap)s, one should go. I choose this one to be the roadies for Furor and For A Dozen Matters. Boring half-progressive metal with longer songs than my messed up brain can handle. 4

    Cobal: Technically, the guy can sing, but his poppy-approach to metal annoys me to the bone. Other than that and an eventual depuration of unnecessary songs/parts, this is actually not bad, right guys? … Guys? 6

    Habakuk: Trim your songs, and I might be more interested. 5

    sincan: Progressive and easy listened rock, come and grab! 4

    Furor: Blind faith revolver Furor: Blind faith revolver

    Lord K: You know what, I fucken hate metalcore. With a passion. You can’t deny it’s somewhat well executed though, no matter how I feel about the genre. I get small The Haunted w/Dolving vibes at times. That must be unintentional. 4

    Ironpants: A mix between metalcore and groove metal. Good at some places, shitty in others 5

    Cobal: No! 4

    Habakuk: Surprisingly good for a metalcore act, but still a metalcore act. 6

    sincan: Highly above average in the cumbucked ocean of metalcore and rim jobs. Still, not fun at all. 4

    For A Dozen Matters: The Hell That Follows For A Dozen Matters: The Hell That Follows

    Lord K: One of my cats would be able to fire up a better production. What a shame since this is actually not half-bad. 6

    Ironpants: Is the drumkit from Toys´R´Us? Still, working up some nice grooves, with a better production they could actually make it. 6

    Cobal: The songs are like bourbon shots: While the Mrs might find it boring that you stick to your booze, you just don’t feel like ordering anything else. 7

    Habakuk: Coroner had that intro about 30 years ago. Shit. I was ready for a rant, but the music is actually good. 7

    sincan: Pretty interesting groove here and the tempo is surprisingly slow compared to the previously mentioned groove de la groove. I nod in approval. 6

    Nyksta:Lieka tiek sienos Nyksta: Lieka tiek sienos

    Lord K: Ridiculous. 2

    Ironpants: Post black – post good 4

    Cobal: The worst thing of writing for this section is that it gives me away – once more – as the misfit that I am. 6

    Habakuk: I could continue listening to this. Or do something else. Like, sleep. Mmmh sleep. 5

    sincan: Mostly uninteresting, too “modern” for my taste. 5

  • Inherit Disease: Procreating the apocalypse

    06/04/14  ||  The Duff

    Inherit Disease are BIG Deeds of Flesh fans, and so on “Procreating the Apocalypse” you will find all the usual whirly Erik Lindmark trademark riffs – catchy, technical, heavy, razors. With a dryer production, less stunning artwork (I know, from Par Olofsson, blasphemy as I adore the man) and less of a know-how as songwriters, this record was a promising debut before the obliterating follow-up “Visceral Transcendence” of 2010. Catchy brutal death metal and highly recommended to get the roots of what is sure to become a very important death metal band this year with the release of their third as yet untitled record.

    7 Par Olofsson’s jerking me off in my dreams out of 10.

  • Ocean Districts: Expeditions

    31/03/14  ||  Cobal

    The best thing of having the over-metal-offer of today is probably that there is a wider range of styles and influences, and one can now listen to different kinds of metal serving different moods. Take all these instrumental releases for instance. Even if not something I’d feel like listening on a daily basis, I have to admit I’ve had a few nice surprises in the last couple years. With that in mind, I’d say “Expeditions” is a worthy release falling into such category. Apparently inspired by the cold ways of the northern seas, these Estonians deliver an accessible yet interesting and entertaining record that effectively inspires you with solitude, cold and calm. In fact, the cover is most revealing of what you’ll get to listen here; the whole opus is a most detailed musical landscape. That notwithstanding the eventual headbang to one of the heavier guitar-driven moments, that is. A propos, for an instrumetal record—that was a typo, I figured it’d look cool though—this little fella appears to flow fairly quickly.


    7/10: Like and follow.

  • S(craps)s: Triverse Massacre / Opressive / Thy Flesh / Suotana / Golem

    28/03/14  ||  Global Domination

    Triverse Massacre: With bared teeth and truths Triverse Massacre: With bared teeth and truths

    Ironpants: I don’t know what to say, so… 4

    Cobal: If this consisted of only one song, it would only be a quarter boring of what it actually is. 4

    Habakuk: Whatever a “triverse” is, it sounds like a half-assed thing between uni- and multiverse. Oh. 5

    sly: All the other components are here, we’re just missing the shut-off clamp. 2

    Oppressive: Delusion of god Oppressive: Delusion of god

    Ironpants: Really shitty sound, really good riffs. 1-1= 5

    Cobal: Thrashing Gothenburg Metal? Why not? 7
    P. S. I don’t know where the hell this is from.

    Habakuk: For a (metal) band without a metal archives entry, these guys kick some serious ass. And the singer reminds me of some band I haven’t heard in a long time called Fallen Yggdrasil. It might just be that guy! 8

    sly: Like a Kenneth Branagh film in that it is competent but not especially compelling. Unlike a Kenneth Branagh film in that it doesn’t make me want to vomit. A bonus half point for keeping it at 3 tracks. Thanks. 5

    Thy Flesh: Thymiama mannan Thy Flesh: Thymiama mannan

    Ironpants: Good ´ol black metal, “Rape magic”…hmmm, gonna read up on that. 5

    Cobal: Greek black metal of the raw/mid-paced type. Songwriting is alright and I found some remarkable melodies. Horns up! 7

    Habakuk: At first it was annoying, then it got a little better. All the while it had been heard before though. 6

    sly: High quality, orthodox black metal with a nice dark atmosphere and an early ’90s Marduk vibe. 7.5

    Suotana: Forgotten soil of this land Suotana: Forgotten soil of this land

    Ironpants: Don’t worry be happy music with really pissed off vocalist. I dig not! 4

    Cobal: I thought Norther had split up. 5

    Habakuk: Finland, oh Finland. 6

    sly: Non-stop keyboard crap. 1.5

    Golem: Eternity compilation Golem: Eternity compilation

    Ironpants: Getting DP’ed by a Golem isn’t really my choice of fun. Re-released double disc that no one really was waiting for? Still, I would buy this over most of the shit that is released today. 5

    Cobal: There are a few groovy moments here and there, and for once, I’m listening to death metal solos that go for twisted melodies rather than the boring shreddy thing. Having said that, why the FUCK did I spend two hours listening to this? 5

    Habakuk: Why the fuck would you re-release this material as a compilation? Let alone BUY IT?? 5

    sly: Dated, unremarkable yet adequate German death metal. Still, it’s better than all the groove-death-tech-pseudo-tough-guy shit being done today. 6

  • Ekove Efrits: Nowhere

    24/03/14  ||  sincan

    Ekove Efrits is something as rare as an Iranian black metal band, and for that I salute and lift my hat towards, in a fancy manner. The origin of this one man band made me curious but I ended up being disappointed as a little child on Christmas who gets the wrong iPhone model or a too little butt plug.

    Ekove shits plays a mixture of many different genres, like black, Gothic and depressive metal, but also incorporating some electronic effects. All these together makes me think of the kids and modern music somehow, I just can’t point out where from I remember some of the styles. The music in itself is rather dull but it is the vocals which are the trve letdown of this album. Whereas it is the premature black metal shrieks, the boring clean vocals from a woman (making me think of Evanescence but more amateurish…) or the clean male vocals I just shake my head in disbelief.

    3/10: Get back to the blueprints.

  • S(crap)s: Mur / Psygnosis / The Milton Incident / The Morganatics / Windbruch

    17/03/14  ||  Global Domination

    Mur: Mur Mur: Mur

    Lord K: Mur kinda means (brick) wall in Swedish. Even if Mur doesn’t hit me like a… eh… ton… of… eh… bricks, there’s actually some semi-decent stuff in here. 5

    Ironpants: The mixes and matches going on here makes me a bit confused, interesting enough though, to make me listen through this album more than once. 6

    Cobal: On the one hand, I’m sick of always being the staffer that grades stubs/AA albums above the average of the rest. On the other hand, 7

    Habakuk: Not bad, keep at it. 6

    Psygnosis: Human be[ing] Psygnosis: Human be[ing]

    Lord K: Whoa! Not half-bad at all. With a moniker like that you kinda know what to expect, and Psygnos(pen)is deliver some modern quality. 7

    Ironpants: Actually a band with some ideas in this batch. I thought it was some crappy core-ish shit at first, but they seem to have some kind of brains? 6

    Cobal: Proficient as this may be, it’s just NOT for me. Avoid the cory shit—probably two thirds of the album—and try again. 4

    Habakuk: Surprisingly good act for this feature. I guess being somewhat overproduced is part of the idea. 7

    The Milton Incident: Innocence lost The Milton Incident: Innocence lost

    Lord K: What happened with/at Milton? I’ll tell you what didn’t happen… No one wrote great music with/at Milton, that’s what. 4

    Ironpants: Ohh man, that Milton incident was fucking weird, I understand the choice of moniker. 4

    Cobal: Radio rock that’s bearable until the moment they switch the screamo shit on. Only if you’re trying to initiate some teen girl. 3

    Habakuk: Is the term “Nu Metal” still around? Well, if that’s your thing, then go for them. 5

    The Morganatics: Never be part of your world The Morganatics: Never be part of your world

    Lord K: If Morgan Freeman had a band, they would be called this. 6

    Ironpants: I hope you dont get too famous, cause you’re gonna get your asses kicked by Linkin Park in court. 4

    Cobal: In my book, nothing that makes such love/hate feelings arise can fail. Really interesting yet unpretentious songwriting going on here. 6

    Habakuk: Was that annoying System of a Down guy called Morgan? 4

    Windbruch: No stars, only full dark Windbruch: No stars, only full dark

    Lord K: And if Ricky Bruch had a band, it would be called this. What was the title, No farts, only full sharts? 3

    Ironpants: Another one of those “one-man-band-I-have-no-friends” projects. Announced as black/depressive, but a bit too “beautiful” to qualify. Fucken long ass songs, come on! 4

    Cobal: There’s huge necessity of a certain mood and attitude towards this so you can understand where it’s coming from, let enjoyment alone. Add some really annoying, anime-inspired tunes and that’s that: instant hate ensured. Pity. 5

    Habakuk: I’m getting a strong Secret of Mana vibe. And then I feel a little down. =( 5

  • S(crap)s: Domains / Dope Out / Epitimia / In My Shiver / Magoa

    11/03/14  ||  Global Domination

    Domains: Sinister ceremonies Domains: Sinister ceremonies

    Lord K: Sloppy’n‘tr00 blackened death metal that has its moments. It also has a shitty production. 5

    Ironpants: Wow! Sloppy performance, but these dudes have some cool riffs going on. A better production and maybe a click-track for the drummer and it would’ve been awesome. 6

    Cobal: Fascinating things, onomatopoeias. Chaaaaaan chan chan chan chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! I approve. 6

    Habakuk: Nothing you haven’t heard before, but if it keeps the guys off the streets…? 6

    sincan: Dark’n‘dirty death metal, just as it should be. Perfect production. 7

    Dope Out: Bad seeds Dope Out: Bad seeds

    Lord K: Seems like every rock band in the world finally found out about GD and decided to send us their shit. Get a fucken grip, idiots. 3

    Ironpants: Tune in, turn on, dope out, bye bye! 3

    Cobal: Probably their greatest moment is when they resemble a lamer version of Marilyn Manson, and even he would be ashamed. A bit. 2

    Habakuk: Not bad at all, honestly. Still it would be even better if I was into unobtrusive, soft semi-punk rock more. 5

    sincan: Dope out, penis in. 2

    Epitimia: unReality Epitimia: (un)Reality

    Lord K: Too much for too long for no good reason whatsoever. 2

    Ironpants: 2 discs (almost 2 hours) of Russian progressive/ambient black metal? That’s value for you right there if you are into that kind of stuff. I am not. 4

    Cobal: It’s true it’s too long. I’m so into it. 7

    Habakuk: Fuck double discs. 3

    sincan: If you’re on to something decent, don’t make it into a double disc album. 5

    In My Shiver: Delicate poison In My Shiver: Delicate poison

    Lord K: It’s giving me the shivers. BOOM! 3

    Ironpants: What’s going on here? Depressive rock with black metal vocals. Not my cup of semen, but I guess it isn’t that bad? 5

    Cobal: I would have appreciated a heavier approach. Not that bad indeed. 5

    Habakuk: Why am I listening to this again? Oh, because I have to. 2

    sincan: I could hear a great riff or two, but overall a bit dull. The clean vocals sounds like someone being a little too drunk (and also too young?). 4

    Magoa: Topsy torvydom Magoa: Topsy torvydom

    Lord K: Just… wow. Again: Just… WOW! We’re entering new lows by the minute around here. The goo in the moniker make sense. 2

    Ironpants: Well fuck me with a wire brush… in the dickhole. From the bottom of my cock , please disband! 2

    Cobal: Get rid of the vocals and you could call it even with the dopes above. Wasn’t this in fact recorded with an iPad, Sincan? 1

    Habakuk: This screams puberty. 4

    sincan: Wow, the singer must be really mad since he didn’t get the new iPad. The amount of short hair and eyeliner must be illegal in this one. 1