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Adrift For Days: Come midnight

23/07/12  ||  Cobal

There’s a whole new wave of acts and works within slow sub-genres such as sludge, doom stoner and drone rock/metal that delights many and kills with boredom many more. Personally, you can count me in the list of the delighted ones.

“Come midnight” is the second and last work by Adrift For Days, an Australian young quintet that proficiently blends a series of influences like 70’s rock, pure doom metal, some minimalistic drone stuff and both clean and harsh vocals resulting in a thick lilting mixture that amused me for over an hour the good way.

On the other hand, I felt as though they abused the use of drone parts significantly extending the length of the album, but with little meaning or purpose aside the filling itself. Make no mistake, I have nothing against minimalistic music, nothing at all, except in this particular case in some parts it didn’t quite fit.

In the end, “Come midnight” is a fine effort, and I’m positive future works by these Australians will be even better. For those who are into lilting slow forms of metal, this will make amusing interesting listening. Killer cover art by the way!

7,5/10: Good shit actually. Hopefully, next time will be even better.