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Baht: In my veins

07/06/12  ||  BamaHammer

Turkey is starting to put together a pretty nice little scene together thanks to bands like Baht, Thrown to the Sun, and The Blame heading the charge. Baht is plays some very unique and extremely enjoyable death metal that, despite it’s “progressive death metal” label, doesn’t particularly push the envelope in terms of groundbreaking new ideas, but it is solid, well-written death metal with more than enough technical brutality and groove to keep fans of real death metal happy. I’d checked out Baht’s demo and was fairly impressed, so I had some pretty high hopes for this full-length. First of all, the production on “In my veins” is pretty fucken fantastic for an independent release, and it was mixed by some fucko named Dan Swanö. The guitars are massive, the drums are very clear and precise, and you can even hear the bass fairly well. As for the music itself, it reminds me of a slightly slowed down Behemoth quite often because of the band’s utilization of those numerous Eastern scales in their riffing. The vocals are also pretty class as well, crossing over from a powerful deep growl in the vein (no pun intended) of someone like Steve Tucker to a half-growl/half-sing sound occasionally, which is pretty interesting. Overall, I actually recommend checking this one out. This is a young band with what I believe to be a very bright future ahead of them.

7/10: And I can’t wait to hear the next one.