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Be'lakor: Of breath and bone

07/08/12  ||  gk

Aussie melodic death metal band Be’lakor has been around for a while and “Of Breath and Bone” is the bands third full length. Be’lakor has been receiving some serious attention and praise from people right from their debut and “of Breath and Bone” seems to be a highly anticipated release in some sections. So what’s on this album? Imagine Amon Amarth playing songs that go on for about 8-9 minutes. That’s pretty much what Be’lakor does and along with that you could throw in the usual inspirational suspects of Iron Maiden, Opeth and some Gothenburg melodicism. Most of the songs have a few good riffs and parts but they’re just too long. Musically, the band is competent and at times, even good but too many of the riffs sounds the same after a while and there’s very little to differentiate between songs as they all just bleed into one another. Still, if you like melodic death metal and the idea of a simpler mid period Opeth sounds appealing, then Be’lakor will probably suit you fine. Otherwise, it’s just another over long and slightly pretentious album of melodic death metal.

6.5/10: A little too long and just a bit dull.