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Blood Mortized: The key to a black heart

06/06/12  ||  BamaHammer

It warms my crusty, lifeless black heart to know that bands like Blood Mortized are keeping old-school Swedeath alive. Furthermore, they aren’t exactly terrible at it either. They have that classic bone-crunching midrange in their guitar tone that affects the overall sound of the album and gives a truly nostalgic feel. The riffs are not even remotely complicated and there’s a terrific blend of groove and brutality that I look for in many of today’s releases. In addition to their obvious affection for old school Swedish death metal, they also manage to throw in a few tracks with a very slow, crushing pace that are a welcome change from a lot of the death metal that sounds like this. It never comes off with a “doom” feel either. The slow pace is just earth-shattering and brutal which I like. My only real complaints lie with the vocals and the originality. The growls are a little too loud, and they’re not very good to begin with, only because they don’t really fit the band’s sound very well. They’re just a little too deep and low. As for the originality, or lack thereof, it’s expected with a band like this. They’re not out to blitz the world with something new and exciting. They’re just doing death metal the way it used to be done, and I respect that.

6/10: Far beyond terrible.