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Bodyfarm: Malevolence

22/08/12  ||  Cobal

Bodyfarm are death metal from the Netherlands and “Malevolence” is their first full-length work. I went through it thrice and each time I was lead to a different conclusion: first, I recognized a well marked Deicide influence, particularly on vocals; I also felt there was nothing new to listen to here. Second, I realized that even though my first comparison wasn’t fully misleading, Bodyfarm play a much more simpleton and mid-paced form of death metal, and third, I found that aside the previous, there’s also heavy metal melodies, thrash metal riffs and melodic black metal tremolo picking to be found here, altogether flavoring and complementing the overall sound on “Malevolence”.

If you ask me, I say Bodyfarm have some potential, though their first work ain’t totally accomplished. May they release something better in the future. Truth be told, I deeply enjoyed “Cryptic Realms”, last track on the album.

6/10: Not bad. Still need to grow up. A lot.