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Born Liminal: Promo 2012

29/02/12  ||  Lord K Philipson

This band sent a quite nice letter with the promo stating that this band wouldn’t have been created hadn’t it been for The Project Hate MCMXCIX. Aww… that is so nice of them to say. But be sure – this doesn’t play a part in me reviewing their shit any nicer.

Born Liminal suffers from quite a crappy sounding recording. I don’t mean that as in “production” only, unfortunately. I can hear that they have gotten quite a few ideas from Yours Truly’s way of composing and incorporating tons of styles, the difference between us is they haven’t really gotten their formula down to a point where it’s actually very enjoyable. The vocals sound out of place and the programmings come across as poorly executed, just to name but a few things…

If you are going to mix a ton of styles you need to understand what you are after. Throwing it all together, just becoz you want to and can, will never work.

I recommend further listens to TPH and learn from the master.

3/10: While some ideas actually show potential, the rest of this effort is very far away from being good enough to give a fuck about.