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Burnsred: Burnsred

18/05/12  ||  gk

Why would a young band self-releasing its first album name check Neurosis, Burning Witch and Asunder? Aren’t they just setting themselves up for a big fat fail? Leaving aside such deep philosophical questions, what we have here is loads of soft-loud-soft-loud dynamics and slow, lumbering riffs that go absolutely nowhere. The songs essentially sound like collages, individual pieces of music strung together with little thought if they work as a whole or not. There are a few bits and pieces that are interesting but the songs as a whole simply don’t work. I normally like slow and heavy music but Burnsred are bland and absolutely devoid of personality. The music too often slips into the background with nothing interesting happening. I’ve given this more than its fair share of listens and this is some seriously boring sludge/doom.

2/10: And a long way to go.