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Carnal Decay: On top of the food chain

13/12/11  ||  revenant

Carnal Decay are a three piece outfit from Switzerland who’s claim to fame, it seems, is being a youtube sensation when a user posted this video on youtube. Now in their third album, Carnal Decay are still bringing the non-polka brutality in the same death/grind style. This is a pretty fast, blistering slab of brutality, raw in production and punctuated with movie grabs that, for once, add to the experience. Amidst the chaos are well time tempo changes and groove sections. As entertaining and brutal as it is, it does get tiresome if not listened to in short bursts. Highlight track: “Taste the knuckles”.

6.5/10: Some well delivered brutality, but still some way off the top of the metal food chain.