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Carnality: Carnality

28/05/12  ||  Smalley

Let’s get this out of the way immediately; Carnality is kinda mindless. A mindless, “brutal” DM band. Plus, they’re from Italy, which is like, an automatic knock against them right out the gate. Fortunately, they actually play pretty catchy metal, heavy on the heavy poundin’, and with lots of energy. Their song structures have plenty of sudden changes (with some tech death-flavoring at times), but the basic grooves/brutality of their sound are in sufficient enough supply to keep things from ever becoming tedious. This isn’t for those death metal “fans” out there that only like the high art shit like Opeth (though they rule), and the relatively low aims of the entire affair do keep it from greatness, but whoever can dig some refreshingly non-pretentious heaviness should enjoy this.

7.5/10: This shit is actually good; color me impressed!