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Carved In Ashes: The drowned silhouette

30/07/12  ||  Cobal

I’ve been putting this comment off so long I almost forgot what I was going to say in the first place. The reason? I’m in some sort of a dilemma here: ‘tis quite obvious to me Carved In Ashes can write and record rock songs more than decently. Moreover, I would be a liar if I dared to say “The drowned silhouette” doesn’t make enjoyable listening. On the other hand, neither is it the most original record of the past two decades, nor impressive in anyway. In fact, why these alternative rockers decided to send their release to a metal zine not having a hint of heaviness in their music is beyond me.

5 slow atmospheric jazzy rock songs with clean passable vocals await for you if you’re eager to ease your ears for less than a half an hour, and if you’re tolerant enough not to immediately reject these guys’ work. Not a big loss if you don’t though.

5/10: I’m so fucken generous I’m giving this a point per song… too bad this EP only includes five of them.