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Centurion: Serve no one

29/05/12  ||  Smalley

Going through my standard motions for stubs, and researching things on Metallum, it seems Centurion is Polish death metal, and they did their debut back in 2002, and are just now releasing a follow-up. Hurm. Well, it seems the decade-long wait didn’t do much to improve their sound, since “Serve no one” is energetic, but ultimately rather vanilla, un-catchy DM. Not that being generic is automatically a bad thing in my eyes, it can be used as a neutral term, neither good nor bad. If this example works, Amon Amarth stays pretty much the same on each new record, so they end up sounding generic, but they’re still entertaining so they’re still good.

Not so here. Centurion does have some nice drumming from time to time (which reminded me a lil’ of Laureano on ”Shrines”, too), but riffs-wise, pretty much the only good one here sounded like a rip-off of the intro from ”Wherever I may roam…” and I don’t mean just “influenced by”, I mean ripped-off from. So yeah, not a good sign.

6/10: Would’ve been just a 5.5 instead, if not for some decent production.