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Cidodici: Freedom calling

19/04/12  ||  Smalley

Unfortunately, while the album cover for this one suggests a campy sort of shock metal record, maybe like Slipknot or Insane Clown Posse or somethin’, the result is ultimately much more mundane; as silly as shock metal could’ve been, at least that would’ve been more interesting. Sadly, “Freedom calling” is a pretty bland example of “MTV metal”, or something close to that; if you remember that lame “Click Click Boom” song by Whocares, you’ll know what I mean. Unthreatening riffs, tough guy vocals, and a lil’ weak rapping, overall, a sort of leftover from the legacy of nu metal, plus some watered-down Pantera influence. Occasionally, Cidodici does some decent stuff here, but not nearly often enough to cancel out the weak material.

4.5/10: Better to just avoid it.