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Coffins: March of despair

05/10/12  ||  gk

I genuinely prefer Coffins’ EP’s, splits and singles to their albums. Too often, this Japanese band’s albums tend to outstay their welcome with too many songs content to plough the same simplistic old school death metal vibe and the albums get a bit boring by the time they hit the finish line. No such problems on this 5 song, 25 minute EP though and it’s a blast from start to finish. “Till dawn of the doomsday” opens proceedings with its dirty, sludgy mid-paced attack but then goes off into a punkish rock n roll vibe in the end that’s pretty strong. “Grotesque messiah” is a short and aggressive song that sticks around just long enough to make its point. “Carpet of bones” and “In bloody sewage” are both over 7 minutes long but are pretty solid songs mixing up the tempo and containing some rock solid riffs. The Ep ends with a cover of “Corpsegrinder” which is alright for what it is. If you’re a Coffins fan then chances are you already have this but if you’ve never heard this band before and like some old school dirty sounding death metal, then March of despair could be your perfect introduction to this Japanese horde.

8/10: another solid EP from Coffins.