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Corrosive Carcass Composition of fleshCorrosive Carcass: Composition of flesh

30/10/12  ||  Averatu

A death-metal band from Sweden, I almost got excited. The specimen presented before us today is yet another brilliantly executed and produced collection of old school death, even mixed to sound the part. In a blind test, 9 out of 10 listeners could not tell the difference between this, or an album recorded in 1991! Hence the only conclusion I can fathom, is lack of self esteem. If you know Obituary’s ‘Cause of death’ or ‘Consuming impulse’ by Pestilence, then you know exactly what’s happening here. In fact there may even be much better examples, but I’m way too lazy to look for them. Its definitely not a horrible listening experience, but I could not identify with much of the material on offer here, as soon as its over, its gone, poof, out of my brain, no hooks. (was going for a Hellraiser reference there)
Definitely recommend for fans of old-school, to state the obvious.

Poison the well

5/10: No school like the old-school.