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Cosmic funeral godless war to etenityCosmic Funeral: Godless war to eternity

28/08/12  ||  Averatu

I’ll be honest, I hardly ever read band biographies. I prefer to I let the music speak for the band, and in this case I’m being told that Cosmic Funeral are a young band, or a bunch of noobs that have yet to find their musical feet, so in the interim they’re pulling off all the atmospheric black-metal clichés by emulating the heros of the genre. When you attend music school you are required to start a band with other students, and it generally sounds like this. Not that its always a bad thing, Daath started out as a Berklee band.

The overpowering cheesy symphonic elements and the really bad intro tells me that the keyboard player runs the band (either that or she’s the band-leader’s girlfriend), and has not tweaked the pre-sets on his/her new keyboard to fit in with the music. Well just because your synth was expensive does not mean its good out of the box. So now they are the local BM hero’s of wherever they are from, and decided to subjugate the rest of us as well. The music is competently executed, and the vocalist could probably peal the paint off a car just by screaming at it, but this is another prime example of a self produced band gone wrong, and why most bands need a producer, generally that asshole who says no.

No, no!!!

3.5/10: No, no!!!