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Dark Vision: Ingrowth

24/07/12  ||  Smalley

Dark Vision is blackened death metal from Greece, have been active since ’96, and released one full-length way back in ’02, and ever since that, have just been releasing EP’s. And no wonder there are no new full-lengths, considering how disappointing “Ingrowth” is, despite the potential; I mean, some of the right elements are there, like the right bad-ass attitude/mood, but it’s undermined by a production that’s somewhat inadequate in strength, and droning, direction-less song structures that go basically nowhere. There’s some bad-ass riffs and decent growling, but most of the guitarwork just doesn’t engage, and the whole thing just passes by as another example of an obscure metal band that could make it, but aren’t currently due to a few fixable probs.

6/10: Plus, naming your EP “Ingrowth” just makes me think of fucked-up toenails.