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Decline Of The I: Inhibition

17/10/12  ||  Cobal

First of all, what the heck is the meaning of post-black metal, uh? Don’t you even bother trying to answer, please. I mean, the more I listen to whatever is labeled so, the more I’m convinced is just good ol’bm with a few – very few – distinctive elements that in most cases are roughly put there just to pretend we’re dealing with something new/different from what has been done before.

In the case of Inhibition, though, those elements are so fucken few that it rather feels like a work that has been slightly splashed with electronic samples here and there without by far getting to the core of it, and if you ask me, that’s for the sake of the album itself. After all, what we got here is a darker than holy-shit slow paced black metal record, and in general terms, ‘twas well written and recorded.

Now let’s face it: it’s hard enough to make yourself a name in black metal playing somewhat original stuff to spoil it all by falling into stupid clichés like under production or noise-like songs, and in that department, I think these French fucks did a fine job. Whatever you think of French black metal, it’s obvious to me it actually makes up a scene per se, if you know what I mean. By the by, I found a couple bass lines here quite likeable.

Despite the irrelevant sub-genre they’ve been classified into and wrongly selected electronic samples thrown in the middle of the mix, I found this album darkly trippy and interesting.

6/10: and that’s after I took a point away for the post-shit thang.