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Deep Desolation Rites of blasphemyDeep Desolation: Rites of blasphemy

24/09/12  ||  Averatu

A metal band from Poland, the word black in the description, an firm and unyielding anti-religious stance. My impression would be another raw black band, doing standard raw black anthems in honour of the dark lord, while rolling another joint with the pages of the psalms from the bible. I slotted it in my playlist of obligatory listening and went about my daily grind. I never heard the raw black band. Instead I came across another really interesting album.

Well, its pretty raw all right, and its very black. But its also super groovy and psychedelic like, but not in the Scooby Doo sense. I almost get a Hammer Horror vibe from these guys. If Anton Levey’s church of Satan had to have a house band back in the day, I guess they would have sounded like these guys, but maybe with a more prominent organ. A more accurate description would probably be stoner black, and they very effectively create the dark and desolate atmosphere without the constant obligatory tremolo and blast, a very welcome diversion to my double pedal blast fatigued ears. Bands that sing in their native language are few and far between since Engrish seems to be the default for metal, but these guys swing us a few welcome Polish numbers, score. It seems something is going wrong with me, I’m digging on the black metal these days. I better get some professional help, perhaps I should consult a priest? Maybe he could recommend topical cream.

paint me blue and call me crazy!!

8/10: Paint me purple and colour me funky, colour me black and call me impressed.