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Dehuman: Black throne of all creation

08/08/12  ||  gk

“Black throne of all creation” is the debut album from Belgium’s Dehuman and it’s not a bad start. The band has a predominantly old school sound but the songs itself mix and match their old school influences with a more modern death metal style. There’s a sense of melody that runs through these songs and helps in defining the band’s sound without really coming across as the clichéd “melodic death metal” sound. Still, it’s not all great on this album. The song writing isn’t really all that great; almost like a “when in doubt, lets breakdown” approach along with a habit of using the same few ideas over and over again. This causes the songs on the album to all start sounding the same after a while and the few good riffs strewn all through the album become a frustrating reminder of what could have been. Having said all that, there is still some potential in Dehuman and with time they could become a really good band. Just not quite yet though.

5.5/10: A pretty standard and slightly dull death metal affair.