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Demolisher: Plague district

31/07/12  ||  gk

“Plague District” is the debut album from Finland’s Demolisher and it comes after a couple of demos and an EP. The music on offer is pretty straight forward modern death metal with some elements of thrash. This album isn’t bad at all. In fact I was surprised with the big modern sound that these songs have and the band writes some interesting parts. Demolisher are also quite unafraid to switch the pace and add some mid paced chug to their sound along with melodic guitar lines and a groovy feel to most of the songs here. However, they do have a problem in making each of these nine songs stick out and be memorable in their own right. There are some cool parts strewn throughout this album but as a whole, the songs are not particularly memorable and don’t really stick in my head. Still, Demolisher might just be a band to keep an eye out for the future but there’s very little in “Plague District” for me to recommend you hunt it down.

5/10 and a little bit bland.