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Demon Lung: Pareidolia

08/05/12  ||  gk

“Pareidolia” is the debut EP from the young American band Demon Lung. What we have here is some pretty basic stoner doom with a female vocalist. The guitar tone is thick and loud and pretty much drowns every other element out. Loads of mid paced chugging riffs are right up front with the vocals hovering just behind the riffs. The vocals, like it seems to have become fashionable now, are kind of flat and monotone not adding much to the songs and not laying down any memorable vocal lines. The drums are pretty pedestrian and the bass is far too low in the mix. Also, a lot of the riffs leave me with a vague feeling that I’ve heard them before. There are a few interesting bits like the softer sections on “Sour Ground” but it’s let down by the very average and uninspired vocals.

Overall, this is some pretty pedestrian doom metal. There’s nothing on this little 20 minute EP that’s actively bad and that’s a good thing but at the same time, there’s nothing here that really warrants a repeat listen. Demon Lung need to really up their game if they want to make impression on the scene and this EP does not promise much.

4/10: Really quite boring.