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Desultor: Masters of hate

25/05/12  ||  Curt

One of the cool things about stubs is that you get to hear a lot of music that you normally wouldn’t have picked up. Sometimes you get stuff that’s really good and other times you get crap that should never have been released. More often than not though you get stuff that while decent isn’t quite at the level of awesome that it could be.

Desultor is one of those bands who, while showing tons of potential aren’t quite there yet in terms of having a fully satisfying album. Their sound falls between power, thrash and traditional heavy metal and their vocalist (whose name I could not find on a quick google of the band) has a cool voice that reminds me of Overkill’s vocalist at times.

The main problem is that while some of the songs are really cool, like “Another World”, most sound like they’re about to take off at any second and then stay at a decent but not awesome level.

6.5/10: Decent, but not awesome.