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Dethonator: Dethonator

13/07/12  ||  Smalley

Another stub band with a bad name? Whatever, let’s get on with this; Dethonator’s a British “heavy/thrash metal” band that started 3 years back, and debuted with this 2 years ago. Lord (K) knows we get enough stubs to tackle without getting older shit piled on top too, but at least this one wasn’t painful at all; not really good, but it could’ve been a lot worse. There’s some catchy writing and good drumming occasionally, and I enjoyed their singer’s clean singing consistently, though he may have been a bit bland/had a bit of a limited versatility.

Ultimately, what probably holds this back the most is the lack of a strong identity to their style; it’s really not that thrashy, or anything else really, just straightforward, melodic metal, with some radio rock moments, even. That stuff (the melodic metal) can be good, great even, but usually just when done by the legends like Dio, Maiden, Priest, etc. In our modern metal context, Dethonator just comes off a somewhat personality-less. But, at least it wasn’t bad, and it went down smoothly enough.

6/10: Congrats; you guys managed to leave Suckville, Alabama, USA.