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Die Hard: Conjure the legions

26/10/12  ||  gk

Second album from this Swedish death-thrash band and it’s a bit more death metal than their debut. There’s an endearing old school vibe to this music which makes it fun when you’re listening to it. The sound is heavy and thick, the riffs are a constant hammering to the skull and I really wanted to like this and tried hard. However, the songs just don’t have a lot of staying power. By the time you’re done listening to the album you’ll have a tough time remembering anything from it. “Conjure the legions” is a mostly nondescript and pretty average release. There’s nothing here that’s actively bad but not a lot in the way of memorable songs either. Lots of Swedeath worship and some influence of German thrash but overall this is some disposable metal. Good as background music when in the company of friends and beers but not a lot else.

6/10: File under fun but disposable.