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Diseim: Holy wrath

04/07/12  ||  Cobal

Let’s get something straight: I really dig slow thick death metal, yet as it happens with almost any dm sub-genre out there, a time comes when it’s impossible to sound any different to what has been done before many, many times. “Holy wrath” for instance, only release by this bunch of Latvian punks, blends together a series of elements from primitive death, black, doom and obvious hardcore hints, altogether happening to result in a… very standard record.

Make no mistake, when saying standard I mean it definitely has its moments, plus it never goes that bad, however it didn’t really do much for me. Simply put, this album’s OK and that’s that. Hey, I think I’d rather listen to Imants Vovers’ drum playing for Skyforger!


6/10: Sixty percent of accurate sludgy riffs.