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Donn The Philosophy: Horns curve into broken circles

09/05/12  ||  Curt

Donn The Philosophy are an ultra-low budget black metal band from the UK who bill themselves as metal/religious, according to their Reverbnation page.

As soon as the album began with a croaky voice screaming something over oh so spooky sounds, I was sure I wasn’t going to like this album. Then when the first song started I was kind of like “Well, this isn’t too bad, I guess. Kind of like “Transylvanian Hunger”-era Darkthrone”. As the album kept playing though, it started to dawn on me that I was bored to tears and not enjoying the album much at all-Intentionally shitty production does not always equal good black metal album. Don’t get me wrong, parts of some of these songs are decent, but the whole album just didn’t do anything for me.

4/10: Not my thing.