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Enthroned: Obsidium

02/05/12  ||  Curt

I’ve never found Enthroned to be an incredibly interesting band and in fact have always considered them to be a bit “meh”. Any time I’ve heard the band in the past, I’ve either caught myself checking my watch every couple of minutes or nodding off from sheer boredom.

However, “Obsidium” is a pleasant surprise as it finds Enthroned change themselves from boring, generic oh so scary Black Metal band into an ok Black Metal band. The band seems to be at its best when it adds some melody to the tracks. For example: “Petraolevm Saliva” was an average track until the melody kicked in, but the problem is that the song promptly ended right when the song was getting good. The album is a bit frustrating as it feels like it could have been much better with more attention to the melody vs. an emphasis on being brutal and scary.

6.5/10: Average, with a few good parts to it.