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Entrails: The tomb awaits

28/12/11  ||  cadenz

Old-timers and recent comebackers Entrails are here with their second full-length album, and if you expect more early-1990’s Stockholmian Swedeath, you are right on. “The Tomb Awaits” is a nice platter with groovy, meaty and semi-catchy death metal in the old Swedish Entombed/Dismember/Grave school, but it’s starting to sound a little dated. All of these riffs were done twenty years ago, and most of them better. The growls, musicianship and production are all top notch (except the out-of-tune acoustic guitar on the intro track), but I can’t shake the feeling that I was hoping for something more. Not just more of the same. Even though it’s kinda rad.

7/10: A surrogate for those rare times when “Clandestine”, “Like an Everflowing Stream” and “Soulless” don’t satisfy you enough.