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Exodium Mors: Sacrifice, perish, and demise

05/09/12  ||  Smalley

Metallum didn’t have any ready-made info on these guys, and I don’t really care enough to dig further for some unnecessary background data, so let’s just get this over with; “Sacrifice, perish, and demise” is a 4 track recording where the first 3 tracks are a sloppy hodgepodge of various extreme metal styles where none of them are done justice. You have your more grindy cut, your more blackened one, and yer thrashier one, but all of them are pretty much imagination-less, disjointed, and hook-free. Most of the vocals are this muffled, irritating, unintelligible shrieking (and not the good kind of unintelligible, either… and there IS a good kind!).

Most of the songwriting here is pretty chaotic, but not the good kind, like grindcore-like chaotic in 2 minute bursts, but at non-grindcore lengths of 5, 6, even 7 minutes!!! But even if every track here was just 2 minutes instead, they’d still be tiresome; I found myself almost unable to keep from throwing in the towel just 5 secs into the 1st track, and it was 6 minutes long, and there are 4 songs here!!! Granted, the last track is super-thrashy and kind of fun (and I highly suspect it’s some kind of Venom cover, but I can’t know for sure since I’m not a Venom expert and there’s no tracklisting for this), so I’ll give this one more point for that. Maybe it should be more considering that song is 1/4th of the entire recording, but it’s not really worth it to to sit through the tedious first 3 tracks to get to it.

4/10: Ugh.