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Gadget: The funeral march

22/02/12  ||  Lord K Philipson

It’s impossible to talk about Swedish grind and not mention Nasum, so here you go: Nasum. There. Happy now? Let’s move on… Gadget’s another grind outfit and this album, “The funeral march”, was released in 2006. Why we’re getting it now (on LP nonetheless) is beyond me though. Whatever. Gadget’s doing there thing all fine and their eventual half-melodic stuff really works within the frame of this style. While a band like Nasum (fuck, we went there again…) comes across as full-on relentless, Gadget’s a little more controlled and death metal oriented. I was never a huge fan of grindcore (except for the amazing “World downfall” album by Terrorizer, if that counts), but Gadget’s version of it sure holds up and I might need to check these guys out more closely. Also, a playing time of 30 minutes is perfect for this kind of music.

7/10: Inspector Gadget would be proud. I don’t even know what that means.