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Gergovia: Morturi te salutant

04/05/12  ||  Lord K Philipson

Now this will be interesting… Gergovia’s moniker sounds Russian, that is always a good thing considering Russia once gave Kruiz to the fucken world. The title, “Morturi te salutant” sounds less Russian and more French. What it means? I was never huge on French, you know, so I don’t give a shit. It’s prolly some very necro and tr00 message conveyed in those words, though.

The info sheet that came with this disc gave little info, pointing me towards this one man… eh… “band’s” website to find out what style Gergovia’s trying to master… So I go there and reckon they… eh… he plays black metal. Fancy website too, by the way. All in French and shit. Hooray! So now I know they… fuck… he plays black metal… What a great day. I can’t really wait to put this disc into my computer and blast me some top notch Metal Ov Ze Black! There’s only one problem…

The postal service obviously did not want me to be able to listen to it:

Postal service FTW!

I think they saved my day to be honest as French black metal can fucken suck it. So I give the postal service a: