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Godbless Thee, Mooseheart: Prison

21/09/12  ||  sincan

What the fuck is this for a band name? Seriously why the fuck? Why does the singer sound like a grunge guy who sometimes sounds like a pubertal grunge guy?

Well, this is some progressive rock sort of thing with the infamous one instrumental track between every vocals including track. I find some post rock here and there which sometimes sounds like Explosions In the Sky or sometimes as Sigur Rós, but not that good in any sense.

Sometimes the album seems to be pretty well produced and sometimes it sounds like a demo from the local emo band. I find myself imagining a young man sitting in his teenager room and hating the cruel world a little too much while I’m listening to this album. Well, to say the truth – some parts aren’t that bad, but they are drowned in the 16 track long album of very much not my cup of cocaine.

3/10: Razorblades covered in dog poop.