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Godlesson fuck satan hell die yeaGodlesson: Fuck satan hell die yeah

28/09/12  ||  Averatu

Could someone please explain to me what’s what the freaking hell is going on in Finland! I’m not being sarcastic (ok maybe a bit), but this is the second Finnish band I’ve had to deal with that sounds note for note like another band, playing, vocals, production, lyrical content etc… But in this case I kinda get it. These guys obviously love Slayer, like loooovve, like the way you’re not supposed to love your dog. And it is really a fun listen, even if the very next thing I wanted to hear was “Christ illusion”, (the best Slayer album of all time, fuck all of you). And the best thing is its available for free, pasella, verniet, gratis, kostenlos, fri, gratuito!! Just click here .

6/10: the best kind of hero worship.