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Goregast: Desechos humanos

23/09/11  ||  gk

Goregast are up to their third album now and its the same rough and ready brand of death metal that the band’s been plying for the last 7 years and 3 full length albums. I guess there’s a market and an audience for this kind of death metal somewhere and maybe the band is a hometown hero in Germany but this is basically derivative and bland death metal. The musicianship and songwriting is workmanlike and occasionally a bit sloppy but every idea here is something that fans of the genre would have heard before and more importantly, done a lot better. I tried quite hard to get into Deschanos Humanos and find something here that would stick and make an impact but at the end of the 30 odd minutes of this album nothing really stuck. The band try to vary things by going through a blast beat section, a groovy mid paced death metal riff and a punkish rock and roll beat in just about every song but it doesn’t succeed in lifting the music above mediocrity. There are parts in everyone of these songs that bring to mind Cattle Decapitation, Jungle Rot and the last two God Dethroned albums. There’s nothing horrendously bad here but at the same time there’s nothing here that really warrants a listen.

4/10: Just a bland and uninteresting album.